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...to a newsletter about beer that's kinda sorta not actually about beer

Welcome to my newsletter about beer, but also not about beer.

For you, maybe, beer was the spark that ignited a friendship, fueled a romance great or terrible or pushed you toward an epic adventure. Maybe one taste of Busch Light reminds you of a lost relative. Maybe one of your fondest memories is a bartender’s compassion in a time of need. Maybe an IPA just hits the damn spot after a long day at work.

Those are all true for me.

Big Beer’s aggressive commercialism and craft brewing’s self-seriousness tends to obfuscate that personal and historical richness.

This newsletter is my little attempt at reclaiming a little piece of it.

Expect an essay now and then (I don’t have a schedule) about some aspect of beer — a personal experience, a piece of history, a favorite anecdote, a recommendation. No two issues will be the same.

And I’ll recommend a related brew with each one. Because beer should be fun, too.

About Me
I nerd out hard about all things drink-related. Consuming it is obviously fun, but there’s so much more to love — from the fermentation process all the way to marketing and sales. I also brew beer at home, focusing mostly on vaguely Belgian styles.

Professionally, I’m a reporter and technology educator for a nonprofit in Florida. I spend most of my time staring at a screen so I am always happy to unplug over a pint or boiling kettle of beer.

Thanks for reading,

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